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A service that gives you the power to record your phone calls without the need for any specialist equipment or technical know-how. You don't even need to register to record a call.
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Do you need to record a phone
conversation for your own protection?
Aho Should Use Cheers Record
Anyone can use Cheers Record to record any call they want.
This service is ideal for:
» Recording interviews for recruitment
» Staff training
» Record customer service conversations
» Record orders taken over the phone
» Recording business conversations which can then be transcribed by an    audio typist or stored as they are, for a record of the conversation or    meeting
» Record important conversations which you can than instantly refer to,    rather than 'hear say' accusations. Ideal for legal disputes
» Consumers can record the handling of customer services/sales calls in    reference to a purchase or consumer complaints

In fact Cheers Record allows you to record telephone conversations made from any phone in the UK to anywhere in the world simply by dialling the access number below. You can then securely retrieve the recordings to your PC as an MP3 file at any time within the following 30 days. All recordings can be downloaded free of charge and once you've downloaded a recording you can keep it on your computer for as long as you need it.

Please note that when recording a conversation all parties should be made aware that the conversation is being recorded.

Register Online
If you are calling a destination number in UK, Europe (landline), Australia, Brazil (landline), Canada, Chile, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Japan, Korea South, Malaysia, New Zealand (landline), Peru (landline), Russia, Taiwan or USA, dial the following access number:

0871 665 7050
(Call cost 10p per minute plus your phone company's access charge)

If you are calling any other destination number, then dial the following access number:

0906 297 7050
(Call cost 25p per minute plus your phone company's access charge)

Top Up Account
Unlike other service providers, we let you choose and use a PIN number of your own choice. This way we ensure you use an easy to remember PIN number and it is more secure as it is not system generated. You then need to enter an 8 digit PIN number. Please make sure you make a note of this number as you will need this PIN to recover and listen to your recording later.
Enjoy Calls
When prompted dial the destination number and your call will be recorded automatically.

Please note that when recording a conversation all parties should be made aware that the conversation is being recorded.

To replay any call recorded by Cheers Record, you will need the telephone number you called along with the PIN number given at the start of the call.
1. Login to website
Go to, login using the number you called from and enter the 8 digit PIN number you entered at the beginning of the call.
2. Download recording
Download the recorded call in mp3 format and listen to the recording via your PC at your own leisure. You can retrieve your call recording from our system for 30 days from the date it was recorded.
Call charges shown above are from BT landlines. Please obtain bill payers permission before calling. Engaged or unanswered calls will be charged, you are advised to make a follow on call or alternatively replace the handset. We do not take responsibility for difficulties experienced on mobile networks. We may use information about you to promote to you other services provided by us or by a selected third party. CIS, PO Box 60830, London W6 6GG.

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